Tuesday, August 10, 2010

About Me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jordan and I’m going to be a junior at Saint Michael’s College this fall, which is both exciting and terrifying. It’s exciting because after spending two years at St. Mike’s, I feel completely comfortable, so much so that I even wear my pajamas to the dining hall for Sunday brunch. But it’s also terrifying for the same reason. I like it so much that they will probably have to kick me out after graduation.

I’m studying abroad in Grenoble, France this fall which is bittersweet. Who wouldn’t be excited to go to France? But St. Mike’s has become my home and there is a lot that I will miss while I’m gone, especially my friends. I met most of my friends during orientation weekend freshman year as we were all thrown together due to various circumstances (or because of fate) and we’ve stuck together for the past two years, somehow all fitting together and complementing each other perfectly.

I also have six best friends from home that I’ve known since elementary school which makes me feel incredibly lucky. The summer before college started, I spent many sleepless nights worrying that my friends and I would drift apart and that when we all came home for Thanksgiving break we wouldn’t recognize each other. I’m happy to say that even though we all did change, our friendship didn’t. It’s comforting to know that wherever life takes me, may it be Vermont or France, my friends will always be there supporting me and loving me. What more could I ask for?

I grew up in Massena, New York, a small town right on the Canadian border. My friends and I sometimes go to dinner or the movies in Canada because it’s only a 15 minute drive and because the movie theater there is a lot nicer than the one in Massena. Ripped seats and springs that poke your butt for two hours do not result in a pleasant movie experience.

I love sleeping in and I love summer because it’s the only time of year when I actually get to sleep in and feel rested. I’m not a big fan of snow, but I love Burlington so moving to Florida will never be an option. I love reading and would read a book each day if I had the time. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series. I was thrilled to get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts when I turned 11, but as it turned out, it was just my friends playing a very cruel joke on me.

I’m a journalism major with minors in French and political science. I’m in love with journalism, I speak French very poorly and I love to argue politics with anyone who’s willing, which usually annoys my mom when I get into political debates with relatives at family parties.

My new obsession is Dawson’s Creek (I know, I’m about 12 years too late for that fad) but I do love the drama. But after a long day of classes and homework, it’s nice to watch something funny. NBC Thursdays are my favorite; I love The Office, Community and 30 Rock. I also never say no to 90’s shows like Saved by the Bell and 90210. In fact, I never say no to anything from the 90’s and I still believe Hanson is the greatest band on Earth.

As you can probably tell from my 90’s obsession, I’m stuck in the past. But I’m also excited for the possibilities the future holds. My life is about to change big time when I go to France, so stay tuned to see what will happen!

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